Dear MMFN Community,

Ha’oom Fisheries Society is thrilled to announce our plans to introduce a brand-new community program tailored just for your community! But we need YOUR input.

We are reaching out to ask for your feedback and ideas on what programs you would like to see and to help us shape this initiative, which will be centered around ocean and river conservation, and the rich heritage of our fishing culture.

Here are some ideas that we gathered from previous community feedback for this initiative:

Option 1. Youth Fisheries Mentorship: We can propose a mentorship program where youth can learn the art of fishing, alongside elders. From going out on the water to traditional harvest cooking, storytelling sessions and hands-on net mending.

Option 2. Clam Garden Project: We can also explore the wonders of clam gardening. With opportunities for both youth and adults to get involved, we would be cultivating not just clams, but a deeper connection to our coastal ecosystems.

Option 3. Traditional Boat Building: We can put in place a program to sail back in time and embrace our heritage. During two-month in the summer, we would guide youth in the traditional craft of boat building with the help of elders. Family members will be invited to participate as well if they wish. It’s more than just constructing a boat; it’s about instilling pride in our cultural practices and passing down invaluable skills to the next generation.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts! Which of these ideas resonates with you the most? Or perhaps you have other suggestions for us? And let’s not forget about our youth – do your kids have any preferences for their summer activities?

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts and your kids’ preferences in the survey below, or reach out to us via private message or email at

Survey here:

Klecko, klecko!

Ha’oom Fisheries Society