Nootka Fishery


Updated September 16, 2022, 

Opened July 15, 2022, until the allocation is achieved. Please see notice for information on the fishery. 
The Nootka fishery occurs from July to the beginning of September when the Suc’ap (chinook returning to the river) move through to the rivers.  The most common Suc’ap caught in the fishery is returning to Conuma River.
GEAR: Troll; barbless hooks, Gillnet; 50 fathom, 60 meshes deep.

Your Fisheries Manager/Coordinator

AFN (Luke Swan)
250-670-9535 (office)
250-266-2509 (cell)

ECFN (Dave Miller)
778-350-0476 (office)

HFN (Jacquline Titian)
250-670-1122 (office)

MMFN (Roger Dunlop)
250-283-2015 (office)

TFN (Andrew Jackson)
250-725-3350 (office)

T’aaq-wiihak Fisheries Staff

Kadin Snook (Fisheries Coordinator)

Vanessa Buchanan (Fisheries Coordinator)