Muchalaht Inlet Fishery

Muchalaht Inlet Fishery

Updated September 16th, 2022

Open August 8th, 2022, to the beginning of September, or until allocation is obtained. This fishery targets Burman and Gold River Suc’ap.The Muchalat Fishery may close quickly based on catch rates. 

Update Aug 15, 2022: Gillnet opened. 

Muchalaht Inlet Suuhaa Fishing Area Map

Your Fisheries Manager/Coordinator

AFN (Luke Swan)
250-670-9535 (office)
250-266-2509 (cell)

ECFN (Dave Miller)
778-350-0476 (office)

HFN (Jacquline Titian)
250-670-1122 (office)

MMFN (Roger Dunlop)
250-283-2015 (office)

TFN (Andrew Jackson)
250-725-3350 (office)

T’aaq-wiihak Fisheries Staff

Kadin Snook (Fisheries Coordinator)

Vanessa Buchanan (Fisheries Coordinator)